Motivational Monday- Even miracles take a little time.

Its so easy at times to feel buried by everything you have going on. Especially when times are at their most difficult and the road ahead looks bleak.

You feel trapped, unsure, and at times question if theres any point continuing.

Just remember these moments, although painful and hard at the time, are NOT the end but really just the beginning, like chapters in a book or a plant being sewn. Its the dark and difficult times that lead to the bright and beautiful moments, whether this is by realising what you are doing is making you unhappy and taking a completely new direction, or whether the stress and hardship is worth the end success of a finished product and that beautiful sense of achievement.

Whatever you may be going through, life has a funny way of swinging around and bringing about good, so just hold on and you will burst through the ground into better times.

This quote sums my point up perfectly. You have to bury a bulb in order to see growth. Its when the bulb is buried that growth and development occurs. Eventually that bulb becomes a beautiful flower; this is how we have to think about life. The dark times are hard, but they make us who we are and lead us to the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Happy Monday Lovelies <3

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  1. I know this feeling but sometimes in darkness good things come.


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